Deployment to Employment: Are Veterans Better Hires?

Thursday, November 15
3 p.m. EST
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Does your organization prioritize hiring veterans?

Many companies say they value giving opportunities to former service members, but some find putting their values into practice difficult.

Veterans sometimes face communication barriers when transitioning back into civilian work because of differences in how jobs are described in military and civilian settings. These obstacles can be a huge problem during the selection process if assessments are inadvertently providing a leg up to non-veterans.

Shaker’s recent research shows that veterans and non-veterans do perform differently on assessments. In an analysis comparing veterans versus non-veterans for the same job, veterans performed an average of 10 percent better.

Understanding these factors may hold the key to providing the best possible hiring experience for veterans – and preventing your selection system from screening out some of your potential best performers.

In this webinar, Shaker experts will:

  • Share findings from our research on veteran performance on different kinds of assessments
  • Examine the implications of these findings on selection system design
  • Provide simple steps you can take to walk your talk on veteran hiring
  • Discuss future research on this topic and how you can get involved

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